Dienstag, 1. Dezember 2009

Christmas Party and Christmas Song

It was FABULOUS again, as usual. Last Sunday was yearly Christmas party hosted by Godzilla's brother in Basel. I really much looking forward to this party every year. Upon we arrived, Karsten, a sweet 12 years boy welcomed us. Wow, one year is a lot for a boy in this age. He is much taller and less shy. I was amazed how he helps the party. He took care of our coats and offered me a drink. Unbelievably good boy.

Basel Weinachten 2009

Tons of good food were prepared.. It was worth skipping a breakfast.

Basel Weinachten 2009

Delicious Swiss Cheese. Some were made by aunt Heidi. I really loved it!

Basel Weinachten 2009

Gorgeous fruits corner.

Basel Weinachten 2009

Fascinating desserts. A small pan cake looked sweets are Dorayaki, a Japanese sweets. I made by myself! Fay, a sister of Odie was also there from Madrid. Whenever I attend this party, I always feel so thankful that I joined the family. They are all fun and partly crazy...

Basel Weinachten 2009

Especially Godzilla:) He is testing "nose hair cutting machine" in front of all. What a Godzilla.. By the way, Odie and I are still "Garfield" and "Odie" but this year, I found a special holiday nickname for him.


One day, on a cold day outside, I realized that his nose is slightly red. So I sung a song "Rudolf the red nosed Odie--". He found the song quite funny, bus surprisingly, he didn't know this "World famous Rudolf's song" at all!! I was shocked!! I tested him if he knows other Christmas song but my god, he doesn't know any! Only "Jingle Bell".

No, this is really not acceptable. When I was a child in US, there was always a Christmas Party hosted by school. All the children had to sing a song in chorus. In order to remember a lyric in heart, we always had a test. Every kids must sing a song alone in front of all classmates. That's why I still remember some lyrics in my heart.

No Christmas song, no Christmas for me. Odie, you have start getting familiar to songs!!

So I sung a song time to time. Odie start getting interested in it. Eventually he said to me "Ok! Let's sing some Christmas songs at the party in Basel this year!!".

"Whatttttt??????" This is typical Odie, he goes from extreme to extreme:) But I thought it's not a bad idea.

So Odie started practicing.

Basel Weinachten 2009

Odie, image training in the train to Basel.

After we ate enough, we went out to mandatory city walk to digest:)

Basel Weinachten 2009

Ernst organized nice boat ride crossing Rhine.

Basel Weinachten 2009

Karsten is also enjoying. I wish I had a boy like him:)

We all had nice walk after huge meal. But back in home, we start eating again. It's a dessert time.

Basel Weinachten 2009

and our Christmas song time! I wore Santa hat.

The choice of Christmas songs are my favorite. 1 Joy to the World
2 Winterwonder Land
3 Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer

Although Odie learned songs in quite a short time, he did good job. When we start singing this reindeer's song, Odie wore

Basel Weinachten 2009

a red nose:) We went to buy it in toy's shop. That was funny. Now he is a REAL reindeer.

But I really surprised that no one knew any of these musics. That was quite a big Culture shock for me. I thought these songs are world famous song like Beatles song from generation to generation. But obviously, these are the creation of US and unlike in Japan, they are now widely known in Europe.

But some new breeze of different culture is good. Odie and I decided to sing every year, choosing some new Christmas songs. So that our small new family who will be joining next year will get familiar with it.

I'm already looking forward to it!


BigAl hat gesagt…

Of course the song is well known all over Europe. But you live in Switzerland ;)

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yucocktail hat gesagt…

Oh, is it only a matter of Switzerland? Then it's even more shocking:)