Donnerstag, 5. November 2009

2nd Honeymoon in Dubai

Odie and I travel a lot. But I realized that we haven't done "private holiday" just two of us for a long time. I love to visit friends in other countries but this time, the purpose of the holiday was purely spending private time each others.


The place we have chosen to visit was Dubai. A totally new place for both of us.

Dubai is crazy. They have pretty much everything in the city.


Not to mention beautiful coast..


Huge shopping mall with world biggest aquarium.


Who can imagine sharks in a shopping mall? Not only one or two of them!


What you can enjoy not only watching fishes but also..


ice skating in damm hot Dubai

Dubai 2009

or even skiing! Odie, who grown up in a Winterwonder land, cannot believe what he see. "This must be some kind of arabic joke!".


Craziness of shopping mall in Dubai continues. There is even a world biggest fountain in the area. The performance with arabic music was like a belly dance show.

Another world number one is "the longest metro without a driver". This train reminds me of "Yurikamome" in Japan.

Dubai 2009

In fact, these train are "made in Japan". This is a gold class which is equipped only one wagon in a train.

Dubai 2009

There are still lots of building under construction. I'm sure city looks different in 5 years..

Talking about "Japanese made", there is a reclamation land called "Odaiba" in Tokyo where also a monorail without a driver are running.

Dubai 2009

There it is, "The Palm", a reclamation district shaped like a palm tree has opened in Dubai this year. A castle like architecture ahead is a hotel called "Atlantis" which holds amazing water theme park in the preperty.


Tthere is even a dolphine lagoon in the park.


Odie played with a dolphine.

Odaiba in Japan holds theme park of Onsen but there is no lagoon with dolphine. Dubai is just amazing.

City Dubai is never ending entertaiment park but what I liked the most in this trip was an experience in desert.


"Bab Al Shams". A luxurious hotel standing like a mirage in the middle of the desert.


You can easily accest to the desert behind the goergous swimming pool.


It was my first desert experience.


and I absolutely needed to try riding on a camel!


Was quite scary than I thought. I never knew how you get on and off from a camel. I thought you will climb ladder or something. But the fact is, a camel bend their forelegs and sit down. When they bend their legs, the saddle inclines. I thought I fell off. Camel was also taller than I thought. Therefore, the suggestion from Odie riding on a camel for 3 hours was easily declined by me:)


There are many things to go in this desert except camel ride. For example greeting to falcon..


Have a short walk in the desert..


and feel that earth is really round.

When Odie suggested to stay in this hotel for 3 nights, I thought I will get bored. But I was wrong. I could have stay here for a week a relax.


A morning in desert started from a delicous breakfast under blue sky.


and we hang out around the swiming pool for whole day.


There were two pool, one is cold water and one is warm.


Odie played killer whale in this pool. I rode on a killer whalre. It was great fun.


Hommos was my favorite arabian food. We had great snack at pool side.


Fun time goes by fast. Sun is setting again..


We had a drink at the bar "inside" swimming pool


and was relunctant to leave this beautiful day.


But we still have fun time left.


Special arabian dinner at the restaurant in the middle of desert!


We walked red carpet..


and being escorted to the unknown world..


It was the dinner I have never experienced.



Huge arabian buffet


and a show of belly dance and arabic music.


This carivan show was also fun. Even camels and horses are acting.


Odie became friend with one local man who was dining next to us.


He was really a fun, friendly dubai man who is a first local person we spoke to.


It was unforgettable night. We had 10 minutes romantic walk back to the hotel


and had a last drink at roof top bar again.


Our last night in desert.


Conincidentally, it was exaclty 5 years since we met. Too many things have happened in last 5 years and I feel like we've been together for 10 years. Also for this reason, it was perfect time to go for a private holiday to refresh the relationship.

This holiday will stay in my memory forever just like a honeymoon.

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