Sonntag, 3. Januar 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

From 1700m high Swiss mountain with tons of tons of snow!

Lüsai 2009

Zurich is quite warm this year so I've never expected such a heavy snow up here. Even the houses are totally covered:)

Silvester 2009

We spent Silvester with our yearly program. After cozy dinner in the kitchen with fireplace, we had cakes and tea with a family in neighbor. This family is like a relative of ours.

Silvester 2009

And then, we walk all the way up to the next village where the sledge course starts.

Silvester 2009

The night of Silvester was beautiful full moon.

The road was so clear only with moonlight. Since I have always spent count down in the middle of the city with full illumination, this atmosphere is totally special.

Silvester 2009

We walk through the village til the start line of sledge course.

Silvester 2009

Since I can neither ski nor sledge this year, I just walked up with everyone. My husband sometime pulled me with sledge. That was fun!

Silvester 2009

Natural Christmas tree along the road..:)

Silvester 2009

It was indeed a nostalgic and a bit mysterious atmosphere. My husband, kicked the electric lamps along the road in order to turn them off:)

Silvester 2009

And here we are, the starting point of sledge course! I was so exhausted just to walk up here but one of my family even carried the bottle of Champagne in a rucksack. Until the moment of new year, we took a picture all together.

Silvester 2009

Unlike in the city, there is no particular sign for the moment of new year. Yes, the church was ringing a bell but once it's stop, this is the sign of the new year! Similar to temples in Japan.

Silvester 2009

Fireworks burst in the sky from some other parties.

We all have a cup of Champagne and toast each others,, one by one. This is still quite funny for me. If there is a 20 people in the group, you have to greet and celebrate a new year with every single person by giving kiss three times:)


After finishing this ceremony, time for sledge ride! "Gute Rutsch" in German means "Have a nice slide" and this word is generally used to wish for a good year. Well, our family practically move this saying into an action:)


Last year, I rode with my husband and crashed in between. I am not joining this year. Have fun everybody! Godzilla and I took a car and went down to the goal of sledge course.

Lüsai neues Jahr

The next day, 1st of January was beautiful weather! Our family went for skiing, I went for my walking. Walking in the snow is also a good exercise for me this year.


I clearly remember how I have celebrated a new year of 2000 in Yokohama. Can't believe how fast the time goes by. It's been already 10 years since then. I feel that new era will begins from 2010. This year will be a big one. We will have many new experiences and new challenges but I'm sure these will make our like even more fruitful. By walking in a pure, white and clean snowfield, I felt upcoming lucky year in front of us.

Which cosmetic matches today?


Greenland body butter papaya-lemon

A house in a snow mountain is warm and cozy. It equipped with sauna to warm your body up after skiing. But it is very dry inside. Body butter and body oil is necessary to keep the moisture. Some unmatched tropical flavor like mango is interesting to use in the house!

You can get it in here.