Mittwoch, 26. August 2009

Unbelievable Polterabend

"Polterabend", I translate as "Party of pre-marriage". Which simply means "Let's have fun and gone crazy before getting married!". Engaged girl go out only with her girl friends, boy, of course only with boy friends. It is known as "Bridal shower" in US but here in Switzerland, it is even more extreme..

Caro's Polterabend

A girl, who plays main role this time is "Caro". She will get married on October.

One of the features of Polterabend is a costume. Most of the case, girls (or boys) dress same.

Caro, who is super sporty girl, she has been specially organized a NIKE liked T shirts, which says "Caro" in stead of "NIKE". This is a great idea.

The party started from a cafe name "bistro&wellness".

As you notice from it's name, it is a place where you can have apero (cocktails) and in the same time, can pamper yourself with massage. Hmmm tempting. Caro had neck massage. Well, she has to be fully charged in order to prepare for her upcoming assignment...

Caro's Polterabend

While I was being massage, Caro's first assigment has started! Caro has been suddenly blindfolded!

And there is a tiny piece of many different foods were prepared and she had to guess (even eat!) just by smelling them. Once, there was a hand cream which smells like a caramel and caro has eaten it without knowing that it's actually a hand cream. Poor her..:) But she did great job! She guessed almost all of them. Her 1st assignment has completed.

Caro's Polterabend

12 girls dressed same in a town!! This is awesome! Swiss people usually know that this is a group of Polterabend.

So, her next assignment is...

Caro's Polterabend

An Iron.

What a hell she wants to do with the iron?? Well, it's not SHE wants to do it. She has been ordered from us:)

2nd assignment. Go and get shirts from men and iron it. Plus, ask for a tip!!

Caro's Polterabend

Caro, without hesitating anything, she started asking to a man in cafe for his shirts.

Caro's Polterabend

Successful!! She ripped off his shirts and went into a bar...

Caro's Polterabend

A classic nice cafe. The end of the bar counter is..

Caro's Polterabend

Caro ironing!! She even secured a electric power in the cafe!! Unbelievable!!

Her first ironing is completed. She even got a tip as a reward.

Since her first attack was such a success, she became full power.

Caro's Polterabend

She ran and found a next target from even from another restaurant!

Caro's Polterabend

Caro helps him wearing a t-shirts on which has been ironed. I really amazed how supportive the people are for Polterabend.. Caro got a tip again. Her "mission of iron" is completed but here comes the next one without break.

3rd Assignment: Find out how to say "I love you" in 12 different languages.

Danish, Dutch, Finnish,Croatian,,, there is a list of languages that she has to conquer.

Caro's Polterabend


Caro's Polterabend

Finnish?? Damm, he's not!!

Caro's Polterabend

Caro even broke into the kitchen in one restaurant! Yes, we got Croatian!!

While we continued looking for another language, we bumped into to the another party of Polterabend..

Caro's Polterabend

Which is men!!

The man in rabbit is a polterabend boy. Caro asked him, "you, I have this huge mission to find out how to say I love you in these languages, you have to help me!". "Damm, what a hell huge mission.. You have such a cool T-shirts, look at me, man"

Caro's Polterabend

Yes, he IS a poor man. Here even has cans tightened to his feet, which makes perfect noise whenever he walks.

Anyway, Caro finally found how to say "I love you" in all the languages on the list. 3rd assignment is also finish.

4th Assignment: Sell roses to cute boys in high price

Ohh, there are quite a many good looking men in this terrace.

Caro's Polterabend

When Caro finds target.. all the girls go around him and surround. Gee, nobody can't say no in such a situation. Girls are such a threat:)

Caro's Polterabend

Caro even ran and stop a man riding bicycle when she finds target!

Poor man, being stopped his comfortable ride on the bicycle and has to pay:) This is really fun to observe.

Well, not only a threat but her personality and sweatness don't allowed them to say no. She managed to sell all the roses!!

Caro, even voluntary went into bar in order to get a free drink.

Caro's Polterabend

A bartender called the boss. As soon as boss saw Caro and her smile, he said,
"Ok!! Two Caipirinha!!"

Caro's Polterabend

... it seems like everything is possible when you are having a polterabend.. Caro is now in bar side, making her own drinks.

But this last assignment is quite tough one.

5th Assignment: Grill Chipolata and sell them.

"Chipolata"="Small sausages". Grill and Sell?? Where and how?? Oh, even for Caro, this is too difficult.

Caro's Polterabend

Look at her serious face.. Will she give up her last assignment??


There is a no word like "impossible" in Caro's dictionary!! She went into this popular sausage restaurant in Zurich where everybody grab sausages quickly.

Caro's Polterabend

and she negotiated with a manager and got a permission! She is now behind the counter and grilling sausages!!

Caro's Polterabend

She sells now not only her Chipolata but also sausages of this restaurant. Look at her, she wear hat, just like her colleagues:)

Caro's Polterabend

"What would you like to have today~?". Caro, you really like a real sausage seller:) She successfully start grilling her Chipolata but she also has to sell them all. She ask if the guests also want to purchase Chipolata but up to this point, nobody wants such a small sausages.

So, it time for girls to help her out. They went to look for a fun, generous man who willing to pay for Chipolata. And we found one.

One guy, he pays CHF5 for one Chipolata and bought all of them! Whichmeans, he paid CHF30 for us!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!

As we leave this restaurant, Caro got a free sausage as salary of selling sausages:)

Caro's Polterabend

SO, now she is fully completed her all assignments! Now we can go for a dinner!

Due to Caro's good work, our girls need to pay only CHF15 for Mexican dinner with Margharita!

Caro's Polterabend

After dinner, the party continued and we went clubbing. There was a small surprise there. While we are dancing or talking, men come one by one and give Caro roses. I wondered why.
This was a small surprise organized by girl. They posted Caro's huge picture on men's bathroom with a message saying "this girl is having her Polterabend tonight. If you see her on the hall, please give her a rose", and there is a vase of roses next to it. What a sweet surprise.

and we stayed there until 4 o'clock.

After all, this polterabend was more than a huge success and I was surprised by these 3 points.

1. that Swiss people have such a unique a fun idea to enjoy party.

2. that Swiss people accepting Polterabend and supporting all these crazy things.
3. that Caro such a talented entertainer is. Everything she has done went beyond my expectation.

Again, I got to know a new aspect and new culture of Switzerland. You know, Swiss people is not necessarily conservative. They can be so fun and crazy which you never see in any other countries in the world! (who will iron in cafe!?)


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Freitag, 14. August 2009

Family trip in Andalucia

Here you go, our family trip in Spain. I was very much looking forward to this trip. A sister of my husband is living in Madrid and it was her "birthday trip" together with family. First of all, it's always fun with her, secondly, south spain is the place where I long wanted to visit. It's always great to see this reunion of family but the problem of this family is their agressiveness. This, you can refer to my old post, when we traveled to Garicia together 2 years ago. This time, I was telling family "please don't fight".

However, there was lots of action already from the beginning. Our flight has been cancelled and we were stucked in Zurich Airport for 6 hours. We missed one nice Tapas night in Madrid.

But at least we were able to fly to Madrid on this day. We have already organized the train ticket down to Andalucia on the next day so if we couldn't arrive on same day, whole trip would have been ruined.

South Spain 2009

We missed Tapas dinner but we have fresh, powerful breakfast at hotel Oscar. See my hotel's blog.

South Spain 2009

Morning in Madird. Waiting for Fay to arrive. Look how similiar these father and son are standing. It seems like they are sending SMS to Fay, telling her "where are you!? Come here as soon as possible!!"

Fay came by taxi. She was already half pissed being stressed by father and brother. I took same taxi with her and she said "yeah, yeah, my family... always stress:)".

But up to this moment, I was fully excited. Soon I can visit Andalucia... where I was dreaming of!!

South Spain 2009

Cordoba!! Amazing sky!! I have never seen such a blue sky for a long time. What a bright colour!!

But what's makes even more bright is...

South Spain 2009

Colorful clothing of this family!!

South Spain 2009

South Spain is one of the interesting lands in the history. It was orginally a catholic land but has been conquered by Islams and belong to them for 400 years until reconquered by Christians.

In the city, you still see many interesting mixture of Islamic culture and Christians. This Mezquita is a good example.

South Spain 2009

Can't believe that this is a Cathedral.

South Spain 2009

It was originally a church before Andalucia has been conquered by Muslims. Under the King of Muslim, it has been rebuilt as a Mosque, as gorgeous as the one in Bagdhad.

South Spain 2009

What's also interesting is that Christians didn't destroy this building after the reconquer. They rebuilt again as a Cathedral. Unlike Mosque, Cathedral must be dark. That's why they closed many windows which used to allowed sunshine in the hall.

South Spain 2009

Hmmm I love Tapas.

South Spain 2009

First day in Cordoba went so well. Godzilla soak himself into water whenever he founds fountain.

South Spain 2009

Now he completely enjoys feet bathing:)

South Spain 2009

No matter where he is, he goes to the water.

South Spain 2009

As we walked along the main street, women and men are separated, I was sooo shocked when I see them in fountain! Oh my god!! Is Godzilla now fully in a shower??

South Spain 2009

Oh, aren't they wet?? It was fun, refreshing fountain in the city where people can cool down. That's something perfect for this family..

South Spain 2009

Because we can go more crazy after this refreshment from fountain..

Espana 2009

I also tried this unique experience with Fay.

South Spain 2009

After the dinner, we went to check this special event held near church capucinno.

South Spain 2009

Our first night in Cordoba turned out as such a romantic one..
It was really tempting to have another drink, however I had to prepare for the next day and sleep early. Next day is a big day...because it's a day that I go Granada!!!

Ohhh Granada,,, I can't believe that I finally visit this city. Since I read a book of "Alhambra" this was a place of dream..

We will drive down from Cordoba to Granada. Ok, let's have quick breakfast and go directly to Granada!!! we finished a breakfast at 9pm, Godzilla suddenly stopped in front of the shop. A shop for "Taylor Maid Suits". Although the shop opens 10 minutes later, Godzilla pushed him into this shop and started trying suits. I thought it's a some kind of joke.

Trying trying trying,,,, it took 1 hour and finally other shop in neighbor started open as well.

Now the family moved on to shoes shop. My god, everybody bought pair of shoes!!

South Spain 2009

....whatever, I have to kick their axx to move on. Let's go NOW to Granada.

and here we are.

South Spain 2009

Baeza. A small local town. The town was written only for one page in my Guide book. It is a sister city of Ubeda.

We had lunch here.

and here we are!!!

South Spain 2009

Granada? No.

South Spain 2009

Ubeda. I admit that this is also a important town in Andalucia. As Christians reconquered this area, they was based in this town and tried to attack major towns such as Cordoba and Granada.

South Spain 2009

we had coffee here. Ok, it IS a nice place. But now we really have to go to Granada!! It's already 3pm!!
Just take a highway a go straight!!!!

South Spain 2009

I mean, where the hell it is..

Espana 2009

When exaclty did we cross the continent and reach to Africa...?

Espana 2009

Guess what, we are driving through a winding winding National Park, through the mountain!!


Espana 2009

Me myself, slowly giving up enjoying the city Granada and taking photo with family.

and this was it!!

Espana 2009

We found a huuuugeeeeeee ocean between the mountain!!

As you know, our family goes into water no matter where they are. If they find such a great "ocean"..

South Spain 2009

You cannot stop them getting into it.


South Spain 2009

It was already 21PM when we finally arrived in Granada... No time to check this special Arabic town, no time to enjoy Chai in Arabian Cafe..

Whatever,, all I wish now is to see the palace. Fay made a reservation at 22pm.

South Spain 2009

As far as I could see the beautiful inside of this magical palace, I could be happy!

We arrived at the palace around 21:30. I was looking for a ticket counter but couldn't find anything. Since it is sooo beautiful from outside, we all took photo and were not sensitive about the reservation time. Godzilla finally find the entrance, it was 22:30.

we showed our ticket and try to get in...

Suddenly a lady at the entrance start saying something in Spanish. Fay, who speaks Spanish , she got pale.

She translated to me saying "we are too late and we cannot get in".


Can't we get in??

Cannot be!!!

Bomb!! From this point, big family fight has started, claiming what was wrong, who was wrong.

Me, I couldn't think anything anymore. I gave up everything I wanted and this palace was my last hope.

We went back a same street,,,fighting.

I knew this happens. If this whole family travel, it never ends peacefully.

I couldn't believe I'm in my dream town "Granada" seeing nothing. It is such a romantic place, you can see probably the carpet flying in the air.. but I was just being disappointed.

If we had enough time in Spain, it was not a big deal. We can prolong our stay and try the palace next time. The problem is, we have to go back to Zurich already on the next day.

I also wanted to have a birthday dinner of Fay.. That was also not possible. We were all just fighting.

I had to sleep, dreaming of my palace...

On the next day, by breakfast, unbelievable word came out from Godzilla.
"I could arrange Palace' tour for this morning. After breakfast, we go".


Espana 2009

And here we are finally. AMAZING.

Espana 2009

Dream came finally true, we went in to Palace.

Espana 2009

It is a Palace being loved by Muslims and even the Christians preserved later after reconquer.

Espana 2009

I couldn't roam around this arabic town, but I was able to see the palace, my fantacy.

It is always a question of your travel style. Obviously, family prefer checking more local places, the culture and the life style of local people. I'm still a person who wants to check a well-known area.

If I had plenty of time, of course I also wanted to enjoy small local villages. I just didn't have time for everything and Granada was too special for me.

After a while back from the trip, I appreciate so much that I could see thos unknown places which is not accesable to everybody. Family travel is not always easy but this one is another unforgettable trip in my life.

South Spain 2009

and our family is again today, all together enjoying bathing in Zurich Lake. Soon, Fay is coming back from Madrid!


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