Donnerstag, 1. Januar 2009


Happy new year from Lüsai, mountain in Switzerland! I'm speding second ski holiday in this small mountain village where I can enjoy snow boarding every day. Up to now, I haven't fall down from this classical lift.

Lüsai 2008

Lüsai 2008

Every year, I want to challenge something new. In 2008, my new achievment was Japanese blog which is succeful enough after 1 year.

Now I'm facing 2009 and hereby, I'm happy to introduce my new attempt.

Organic Beauty Solutions Switzerland

Online shop for organic cosmetics.

The shop is consisted in 3 languages and 3 currencies are availale which is Swiss Franc, US Doller and Japanese yen.

The purpose of this shop is to deliver natural cosmetics from Europe as cheap and as fast as possible.

In Japan, the demand of natural cosmetic increase but they are sold in double expensive price than in Switzerland. My goal is to offer these cosmetics in reasonable price and deliver them all over the world. Resident in Switzerland can also profit from my shop because you can receive the product without visiting drug store. The price is actually same as you buy from drug store so why don't you save your time and buy online? You can also find variety of products which you never can find all of them in one drug store.

Lüsai 2008

So those who interested in health and narutal product, please visit my shop! Men are also welcome! Check some gifs for your partner and also for youeself. Men's product are also available.
Lüsai 2008

I wish you and myself a happy, succesful new year:)