Freitag, 19. Juni 2009

Japanese challenger

It's been a way too long since I posted last time. It doesn't mean that I was spending boring days. I was just too occupied by many other things.

Sasaki san Geburstag

But now it's summer again! Odie and I are back in Zollikon..

Sasaki san Geburstag

with new Japanese guy!!

He is actually my new boss, who moved and joined the office since this April!!

This day was his birthday! I convinsed him that he should leave office early today and go swimming with me.

He had his "Lake Debut" with us last Sunday.

Sasaki san Geburstag

See this wooden deck on the water? People love to lie down on this deck and enjoy sun. Sun bathing on this deck is so comfortable, but the problem is that I have to swim back to the shore again in the cold water.

My boss didn't have any problem with it. Moreover, he dived from the deck many times before he gets completely dry. Unbelievable!!

In this moment, I felt that he is not a normal Japanese guy..

Sasaki san Geburstag

On the day of his birthday, as soon as we arrived in Zollikon, he dived from the platform!! The water is 19 degrees in temperature! I always slowly get into the water but he just dived! I was afraid he might get heart attack.

Sasaki san Geburstag

But no problem for this big Japanese man! He even climbed up to the higher platform..

Sasaki san Geburstag

and jumped.

Sasaki san Geburstag

Odie usually doesn't like to dive from head. Even when he dives, he jump from his feet, just like a frog. But this day, since my boss diving around like crazy, Odie said "now, I will go from head!". I think he said that from his pride as "waterman"....

Sasaki san Geburstag

and he did. But compare to the beautiful dive of my boss, Odie still looks like a frog.

My boss, continued being crazy and he finally went for a slide.

Sasaki san Geburstag

I've never seen someone sliding here, except children..

After having fun, we had coffee and a cake.

Sasaki san Geburstag

Odie and I sung birthday song.

Sasaki san Geburstag

It was such a beautiful summer evening. Gee, my boss, it seems like he doesn't have any problem adjusting to Swiss life style. Even Swiss people can't dive into lake he did. This summer, Swiss people will surprise by Japanese spirit!!

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