Sonntag, 25. Mai 2008

Odie's Birthday Party

May 20th was Odie's Birthday! From 7 o'clock in the morning, we had a visit.

Odies Geburstag

A cake delivery from Ursula!!

She stopped by us before her work to deliver Linzertorte, a traditional family birthday cake!!

Design was her original with name on the cake!!

Odies Geburstag

Odie, who just turned 33, look very happy to have this cake.

Ursula baked this cake every time for birthday kids. Birthday kids has all right for the cake. Without their permission, no one allowed to touch the cake.. How sweet and funny family event:)

Freitag Tasche

I'm also a big "event-oriented" person! I thought about birthday present for Odie for a long time and decided to get Freitag bag...two of them!!
Especially perfect for this season since it's fully waterproof. The bag will be a good mate to go for swimming!

Odies Geburstag

and of course romantic restaurant for two of us..

Odies Geburstag

Romantic? Well, actually funny restaurant:)

Odies Geburstag

It's an Asian restaurant where you can dine next to the aquarium!!

Odies Geburstag

We had some nice Asian food,

Odies Geburstag

Odies Geburstag

Shame that here in Switzerland, you can hardly request special birthday dessert arrangement but atmosphere of the restaurant was nice.

Odies Geburstag

Odies Geburstag

But most imrpotant is that we enjoyed. Odies Geburstag

I was very happy that he like my Freitag bag present! I was little bit worried if he doesn't want to let go his old bag. I decided to get this bag when we saw one Japanese boy in Tokyo with Freitag bag in a metro. Odie about to ask him where he bought the bag but I was too embarassed and I didn't let him. In stead, I thought of buying him a one.

Odies Geburstag

Odie is such a popular man.. His freinds gathered from lunch time to celebrate his birthday. Odie had too much drink from the middle of the day. He even got a Sprüngli chocolate present from other friends..

I just realized it's a second birthday that we celebrate together. Since it was with all family last year, a private party between two of us is first time!

Thinking about those days that we were in long-distance relationship, how happy I am that we can celebrate birthday together on the day!

Montag, 12. Mai 2008

Visiting Japan

No post for a long long time... I had to admit that it's because I had too busy to enoy my holiday in Japan for last 3 weeks.

It was a real "Satogaeri" (visiting mother-country) after more than a year.

Tokyo Museums (2121, NACT)

Last year, I returned Japan for a wedding party and I only had 1 week there but this time was different. We rented an apartment and truly enjoyed Japan as "visitor".

Japan look different that before becuase now I can see my country as a third-person view.

Tokyo Midtown

Many positives and some negatives.

Tokyo Midtown

For example dressing dog like this crazy is only possible in Japan.

Tokyo Midtown

She even has a flower on her back!!

Tokyo Midtown

Foods are also unbelivably good in Japan. Actually, Tokyo is the city which has the most number of Michelin stars.

Tokyo Midtown

I ate ONLY Japanese food every day. (except breakfast!)

Green Tea Ice Cream

Japanese sweets are also amazing. This one is my husband's favorite!

Negative remarks are same like I knew from before. In Tokyo, I always have to fight with time since there are so many things I can do. I had to rush up from the metro station on basement 5 floor all the way up to ground. I'm so much in hurry and take a cab but ended up with traffic jam.. These stress always bug me in Tokyo even during a holiday..

Green Tea Ice Cream

3 weeks went by so quickly and of course it is sad to leave home country but I'm not afraid of going back to Switzerland anymore.

Since I moved to Switzerland, there was always some sort of lonliness surronded me.

It was a fear that I will be forgotten by everybody in Japan and lose all friendship.

But during this stay, I was able to catch up with many people and had great fun. We didn't feel any distance and I felt that we've never been apart. All the friendship and reliability has nothing changed.

I want to thank to my friends who gathered on the day I arrived, friends who celebrated 10th birthday party together since we met, high school friends who cracked up together like crazy and ex-colleague and bosses who spared busy time for me and enjoyed drinks all together.

Even though Tokyo is such a busy city, this is my homebase, most comfortable place for me.

I like Switzerland but I have to say that I won't live here without having my husband.

After living in Switzerland for a year, I realized how important my friends are in Japan and same time, how much I in love with my husband which makes me feel like going anywhere just because of him..

11.45hr flight went so fast thinking such a things and wenn I realized, the land of Switzerland was already there.

From Plane

Green, green green.. Switzerland welcome us with full of joyful spring colour.

From Plane

I could tell from the air that spring has arrived in Switzerland as well.


After we packed out our suitcase, we had our first dinner at balcony in this year. I hear birds and I smelled fresh green. I can't explain how comfortable it was.

I'm curious how I will feel in year later or more. Maybe in certain point, Switzerland become my home town as well where I can never let go, or maybe already it is..