Sonntag, 27. Juli 2008

First Sailing Experience

Living in Switzerland for one and a half year, I have done many things which is hardly possible in Japan. This weekend, again I have reach something totally new..

Sailing in Lucerne

Overnight sailing in the lake!!

A friend of Odie, who is a doctor was enjoying unique holiday. He had one week off and decided to enjoy "vacation" in the city well he lives by renting a real sailing boat. We were invited to his luxurious vacation.

Sailing in Lucerne

It was my first sailing experience plus first "sleeping-on-the-boat experience. Everthing came at the same time:)

Sailing in Lucerne

Sailing in Lucerne

When I heard from Odie that we will sleep on the boad, I really thought that we sleep outside on the deck. I never even imagined that there is bedroom, couch and even kitchen is inside of the sailing boat!!

Sailing in Lucerne

So our jourey started in Fierwaldstättersee (a lake in Lucerne).

It was so incredible how well these three men manage the boat..

Sailing in Lucerne

Sailing in Lucerne

Sailing in Lucerne

I was allowed to be in responsible for the handle!!

Sailing in Lucerne

We cruised, cruised cruised,,,

Sailing in Lucerne

Sailing in Lucerne

and in the middle of the lake, we jumped in to the water.. I mean swimming in the lake is of course together with sailing but what we have done is this.

Sailing in Lucerne

"Human Torpedo". We let ourselved pulled by boat!! It is some sort of wakeboarding ...without a board!! You really have to watch out not lose your bathingsuits.

Odie was especially funny when he was pulled. Water is always under his control but this time, he was almost drawning:) He had to gave up.

Sailing in Lucerne

We had such a fun but soon after this, Odie and his friends started big argument about the next plan. Well, I used to worried a lot when Odie started too excited but now I understand that his old good friends understand him well. Later, they told me that this type of argument is not new, they used to have it a lot especially when they are on the boat. I thought so.

Sailing in Lucerne

Anyway, when it comes to park the boat in harbor, they show perfect teamwork. Captain scream what he needs and other two do so achieve their mission bravely and dynamicly. It is indeed AMAZING how promptly and effciently they work. I enjoyed observing it. (only one who is doing nothing during this big action:)

I've just realized "I'm traveling with THREE WATERMEN".

Sailing in Lucerne

In the evening, Odie was in charge of the dinner.

Sailing in Lucerne

We had all big hunger. So nice sitting outside and eat, watching the sky color to change.

Sailing in Lucerne

Sailing in Lucerne

and the night has come.

We jumped into water again before sleep. Took quick warm shower on the deck and went bed. (Odie slept outside!) I've been never so wild for a long time..

Sailing in Lucerne

From my bed, I could see outside from the window.

On the next morning, I heard voiced behind the door. It took while to understand the situation that I'm in a boat and behind my bed, 3 men are having breakfast:)

These 3 men woke up like 6am in the morning, already swam and went bakery to get some coirssants.

I was still dying and couldn't move until Odie came to me like three times to wake me up. Yes, my morning is usually bad without taking bath on the night before.


but my body woke up completely when we sailed up again..


Our captain told me that the lake is most beautiful in morning and night. That's right. The water was like glass.
Light fog make the atmosphere mysterious.


I woke up at this point but three watermen were already in full power:)



and we arrived at "today's highlight". Rütli, where the origin of Switzerland.


IMG_8371.JPG again, big action upon parking:)


and we went up to the field, a birth place of Switzerland!


IMG_8376.JPG a land o Yode.

What an honor being escorted by Swiss men to the origin of Swityerland:)


Coisidentally, a national holiday of August 1 is just a week ahead!


It's a place where usually have to take a boat to visit. We had our own transportation. How special us!

Sailing in Lucerne

We swam again and head back to Lucern. On the way back, we had some wind and I was able to practice how to sail a little. I have to say, it's not easy.


I was again watching three waterman. I thought that cruising with sailing boat is special but spending whole weekend with 3 men is also unusual:)

We safely arrived back to lucern on sunday late afternoon.

It was approx 18 hours journey. I've seen and experienced a lot of new things in last 18 hours. Short and long trip. Thank you for captain who invited us and all three watermen who showed me what a sailing is!!

Donnerstag, 3. Juli 2008

Euro 2008 Final

I have never watched so many soccer game in my life before. Euro 2008 happned to taken place in Switzerland in my second year in Zurich. In the beginning, I was not that interested since my home country was not involved. But in the end, I became big fan of German team and even organized ticket for the final ! (public viewing though..)

EM Finale

I knew Germany will play the final! Upon the semi-final, when Germany played against Turkey, I thought I will burn these tickets if Turkey wins. (sorry,, just being a big fan of Germany) I

I'm glad that I didn't have to do so and able to see German team in huge screen.

EM Finale As you see in the photo, there were so many German fans who believe they will be a Champion.

EM Finale

and here come both team. Captain of Germany, Michael Ballack!! I'm especially a fan of him! He is great captain!

EM Finale

and the game bigins. However,,, it was such a beautiful summer day but the sky got dark all of the sudden. Maybe this was already a sign of tragedy..

EM Finale

German fans are all excited and they were absolutely majority among the spectators. But the atmosphere has changed soon.. The goal of German side was threatened so many times by Fernando Torres, an agressive player of Spain. Lehmann, the German goal keeper barely protected from his attack but finally,,,, Torres managed to squeeze the ball into the goal...

First score from Spain.

From this point, the strong belief of German becoming champion changed to anxious. And Spanish fans, who were minority gained more power. I see less spanish flags than german's one but they captured interest of Swiss people.

Well, my German friend told me that Swiss people always support the team playing against German. Maybe that's true. There were small number of spetactors in Spanish colour but obviously more people are cheering spanish. I believe these people were all Swiss.

EM Finale

I was looking forward to see big German party but sadly they lost. But my German friend sent me a SMS that German are not dissapointed and we are already ready to become World Champion by next World Cup. I like this positive idea. It's true that Spanish team played so well and they deserve it.

It was like a festival whole month in Zurich. I had great fun and also learned a lot about soccer, another side of European culture.