Mittwoch, 16. April 2008



a special holiday only in Zurich, a special festival to kick the winter out and wish for a great summer...

I still don't understand!!!

Greifensee und Sechsläuten

to bomb this snowman down!!

after living 1 year in Switzerland, I thought maybe I will feel different from last year. But I dind't. Please refer to my post of last year which I was shocked! Here you can check how he will be burn down!

Again, he has arms, legs and body,, his face is even kind of cute! He is "human shaped snowman!" How dare you can bomb him with joy!

Greifensee und Sechsläuten

Especially when the weather is like this, he look even more sad..

I understand that becuase of long winter, people eager to have sun and summer and want to destroy the snowman, the symbol of winter. The more faster the snowman explode, betther the summer will be. That's why people are excited for the explosion. Since I experienced whole winter this year, I thought I might understand this festival more. But I didn't. Burning snowman is still look brutal for me. Poor snowman..

Greifensee und Sechsläuten

But the parade was good. These are the parade of "Zunft" which a group of family existing from old ages. When they dress these traditional costume, it looks as they came out from picture.

Greifensee und Sechsläuten

They look like knights from a castle:)

Greifensee und Sechsläuten

The weather was really shame especially for these people with instruments in parade. I hope their instrument were ok after long parade in rain.

But music was fun and good.

Last year was too many people and I could hardly see the parade but this year, I was able to observe and enjoy.

Greifensee und Sechsläuten

Even the statue at Lake Zurich was wearing costume! Who the hell did it! So funny!

I still don't like the highlight of exploding snowman but I like festival.. Let's see how I will feel next year.